Saturday, August 29, 2009

Updated shop

I had a custom order request today for a ring that resembled my copper pebbles ring......without the copper pebbles. I had been meaning to add a plain silver band to my shop for awhile now and so that set me in motion to finally do so :)

And so voila:

I finished five listings with this necklace....

I am particularly fond of that bauble.....

So this blog post is going to be short and sweet and will end with another music mention. I named one of my necklaces after this lady's former band frou frou.

I love the uniqueness of this girl and her music is amazing. This is another song that you should hear as came out in the movie 'Garden State', which is a really good movie by the way.

I'll be back tomorrow....:)


Julia Hemsley said...

Hey girl..I just realized you had a blog too. LOVE IT! Also....we've got the same taste in music...I've been a HUGE fan of Imogen HEAP. I've a few friends that just don't "Get her" and also I noticed you mentioned Loreanna Mckinnet (spl??)...I've loved her since I was in HS. Anyways...the new stuff looks divine. Good luck with the upcoming show.

Anonymous said...

Both the plain silver band and the necklace are stunning! You're very talented!