Monday, January 31, 2011

A Closer Look

I didn't have much time after listing the new pieces last week to post them here like I usually do.
Until this morning.



I love looking at each collection all together like this.
All the colors.
All the forms.

This feeling is always one that spurs my mind forward.
Sometimes that need to create more and more feels like a hunger.
It is the good kind of anxiety.
Not the bad. Because I know that one, too.

I am doing computer-related work this morning while my little sick one is asleep upstairs.
 This afternoon it's to the studio.

Have a fantastic start of your week!

p.s. The newsletter is out :)

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Spring in the Wintertime

I had some company while taking pictures this morning.

A quick capture of a coffee guzzling husband while I am adjusting my camera.

And then there they are:

My Spring filled tray of work.

After the stones were set and the beads wrapped I realized that I had a color theme.
There is so much vibrancy here.
It was subconscious, but obviously I have spring on my mind!

All 21 pieces are going up in our shops right after lunch.
See you soon.

p.s.  If you are new here, I always post each piece in my facebook page immediately after it's listing.
You can follow along here. :)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

morning commute

It took me an hour to get my monkey to school today.
We had a fresh blanket of snow yesterday and the roads were particularly icy.

It was so slow that many times I was just sitting and if I wasn't sitting I was going a whopping 10 miles an hour.
The funny thing is that I wasn't irritated or get an uncontrollable urge to scream in frustration.

Because it was beautiful out.

I live in such a gorgeous area.
I have the best of both worlds here. Urban and rural.

That satisifies the gemini in me!

After dropping off my eldest, the little monkey and I had a breakfast date.. one of our favorite places :)

On an important side note, I wanted to give you a heads up that my shop update will be at the beginning of next week.
I'll post pictures here first. It'll be a long post because I have quite a lot of new pieces!
Over the weekend, I'll hopefully have a more specific timeframe to give you.

Now off to put furniture in our newly finished living room!

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Monday, January 17, 2011


I have become a collector..

..of stones.
I have drawers of them. Right now I have this one tray sitting on my bench because it makes me happy to look up every now and then and see this rainbow.

I am ecstatic to get my new work listed.
It's been a long while since I've had a shop update and to be honest when I first started these new pieces I felt a bit rusty. I have had ideas and designs bursting out of my head, but when I actually sat down to start:  I stared outside.
I stared at my stones.
And then I stared at my sketches.

And after a little bit it all came flooding back so that I am now at this happy frenzy state where I am a little schyzo in my studio.I am all over the place.
Like a hummingbird that can't quite settle.
I start things and before finishing them, I start other things just because I am feeling this overflow of inspiration and I can't wait a couple of hours. I have to sketch. To try it out.
It's a wonderful feeling really.

I've been enjoying the fresh air outside, too.
I've learned the hard way that I need to balance even the things I love.
If I don't force myself out and into the open, I inevitably hit a wall.

That's what happens when the pendulum gets stuck in one place.

This, admittedly, is odd because I love - scratch that - need being outdoors in fresh air to feel normal. But, for some reason I tend to hibernate in the winter (fairly normal human behavior I think). I become sluggish and more tired. Getting outside clears my head. I guess that is the one downfall from working from home: the tendency to be cooped up.

So now I am getting out more.

Besides, it's these little glimpses that make me feel my most creative.

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Friday, January 7, 2011


There is so much to say.
Now where to start....

Norbert and I almost completely disconnected the last few weeks and it was wonderful.
We gave every ounce of ourselves in the months leading up to Christmas that when our last package shipped we packed up and headed out. 

We spent a week in New Mexico with our family, eating, drinking, talking, crying, laughing and sleeping.
You know.
All the good family stuff.

(the blue hour!)

When we got back we decided to get some work done around our house that had been on the backburner for oh, so long.

Have I mentioned that Norbert is a jack of all trades??
It is quite convenient, I must say, to be married to someone who can fix just about anything.
He is so much like my Dad in that way.

We decided to rip out two partitions in our front room to expand the area and as a result we need to do some drywall/electrical/venting/painting/wood floor work. Oh yeah, and when I say we, I actually mean not me :)
Norbert's handling this one totally on his own.

So that means I've been full-time mommy.

Last night, was the first time since before Christmas that I've done anything 'blue hour designs' related.
I have so much business and design work to catch up on that I won't be getting into my workshop until Monday.
I am soooo ready.

By the way, I have a stockpile of designs and stones to work on.
I feel like a horse biting at the bit here.

I can't wait to get to work.
I can't wait to show you new work.

And what else have I been doing?

I blew through this and I'm on to the second one.
Don't you love it when your Christmas hints are granted? ;)

I'm well-rested you guys.
Now it's time to hit the ground running.
Things are changing and it feels good.

As a matter of fact, it feels pretty freaking fantastic.

2010 is over and out.

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