Sunday, February 28, 2010

Goodbye February.

So long. Farewell!!!!!!!

February has not been particularly kind to me!
I had a couple of really big health scares, coupled with the flu for my little ones and myself. Let's just say that I am very, very, very, very relieved!

I am still on the mend. I don't have my energy back and my upper body is still very weak. So new work will take awhile to make it to my shop, and when it does, it will come a bit slowly. It is frustrating to be so tired and weak all the time, but at least I'm alive :) I promise, I'm not being overdramatic here! I'll explain more soon...

I thought I'd share a few custom orders I completed right before February hit!  This ring was made for a very lovely customer who provided the gorgeous Boulder Opal for the setting.

And this ring has one of my favorite stones:  a Botswana Agate from Madagascar.

Looking at these rings makes me SO anxious to get back to work!!

Well I'm off to go visit with my parents have been in town for a few days and it has been such a welcome change :)

I hope you all had a great weekend!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Just Say Yes

So it looks like I have the flu....wonderful! lots of sarcasm here ;)

So you know what I'm going to do??? I popped a couple of dayquil and I'm going to listen to this song....maybe 50 times in a row, because this song makes the hairs on the back of my neck standup.
I. Love. It.

I'll hopefully see you really soon..............on the other side!

p.s. What in the world was I thinking by creating a 'happy list' without including music and creating??! The pain medicine is getting to me, I think ;)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

What Makes Me Happy??

Well this deliciousness would definitely top that list.

And this as well!
I came across this yummy, wonderful site today and as a result I promptly added it to my favorites list.
Delicious, huh! I am definitely going to try some of the recipes I find on here.
The website is Smitten Kitchen and I swear if you like food at all you'll stare at this site for awhile.

So awhile back my lovely friend Charlotta at Space for Inspiration gave me a very lovely award and as a result I am supposed to share 7 things that make me happy.
So without further ado:

1. My Monkeys - there are 3 of them....they also make me crazy....really, crazy ;)

2. Nature - I think that is why I go a little crazy in the winter. I'm not out nearly as much as I am during warmer months and I go stir crazy...mainly because I gain so much energy from being outdoors.

3. Travel, Travel, Travel - I can't express how much I love to wander and see all the cultures and places first hand. I have wanderlust in my heart :)

4. Great Conversation - This is a biggie, too. Really good conversation along with numbers 3 and 5 pretty much mean I am one hell of a happy camper ;)

5. Sustenance - Really good food, great wine, a cold beer in the summer....they put a big smile on my face :)

6. Reading - I have always been a bookworm...since I was little I had my nose in a book. One of my dreams is to one day have my own room with floor to ceiling bookcases filling the entire area and a comfy couch in the middle so I can read....undisturbed

7. Beauty/Art/Visual Stimulation - This can be a photograph, scenery, a person, a well-designed room, a piece of artwork.....anything that stimulates me visually. I live for this stimulation....I pick up on it everywhere

On another note, I have not been feeling the best again this week. As a result, I haven't been in my workshop hardly at all. I think I pulled some muscles (stupid me lifting heavy weight in the gym) so I am trying to rest to give them a chance to recover. :( Hopefully this will be soon....


Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I woke up on Valentine's Day to this...

I absolutely love tulips...seeing them on my kitchen table makes me think that I should maybe consider keeping fresh flowers there as often as possible. It's funny....but everytime I come downstairs and catch a glimpse of this beautiful bouquet I can't help but smile :)

After breakfast Norbert went downstairs to work for a few hours and the boys and I made him a big heart-shaped brownie. While it was baking we headed outdoors to shovel the new blanket that arrived that morning:

(fresh air does me good)

We decided to make this our lunch, because you know....we can ;)

Coffee and ice cream, in addition, rounds it up quite nice!

That was my Valentine's.....low-key, but relaxing and sweet.

Oh...and Lilliam - this lovely is patiently waiting for you on your doorstep :)

Bye! ;)

Thursday, February 11, 2010


...of winter. I was a bit down the last few days and I think I am hitting that 'sick of winter' place. I usually get it around now. Don't get me wrong....I do love winter and all that it entails. Snow, holidays, winter clothing, the bare and quiet beauty of it all, but I am done with it now. Until next year! It is time for gardening and riding my bike and farmer's markets know. All the good stuff :)

Good thing I got a whiff of spring today...that has transported me to a better place in my head.

I finished my new baubles for the week and I'll be posting them in through the evening. I might finish tonight, depending on how speedy I can be ;) Otherwise tomorrow I will wrap up.

Here are a couple of my new ones....I am excited to start making bracelets like the one above. It was about time!

This ring also holds a gorgeous piece of quartz that I just received last week. I have a couple more, but I already know that I am going to have to get more.

Otherwise things are rolling on here on the homefront. You know....thank goodness when I'm feeling blah and like a lump on a log, Norbert can jump behind the wheel for awhile. Sometimes I just need to curl up in bed, take a nap, listen to some music and disconnect for a bit. That is my kind of bandaid ;)

Have a wonderful's almost here!
(I think this is a universal feeling, even working from home we look forward to is so engrained!)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Changes rolling on in...

It's late!! I already know tomorrow is going to be a two/three cup coffee day. Thank goodness for that!

My pansa (stomach) is healed....actually since Tuesday morning.....and I've been a little elf trying to finish up my last batch of jewelry, photograph, list and run around playing shadow games, playdoh and endless amounts of puzzles (my two year old is addicted!). It has been an interesting week. Plus we drove all the heck over Boulder county getting our car fixed yesterday. That was fun. One place fixed one part and then another place had to fix the other part, meanwhile they had to coordinate....

Sooo, I just finished listing a load of earrings and a few larger pieces including the ring above. Travel on over to my shop to see all the new items or if you are on facebook you can check out my facebook business page....each piece is always listed there as well.

I also revamped all my banners and avatars everywhere. I am excited about the design....I truly feel like it reflects my style and more importantly, my work. Our business and bio cards along with the packaging changed as well. The last piece, our website, will be relaunched within a month hopefully. Norbert is putting all of his energy into that right now. I'll let you know when that happpens.

Okay off to bed....;)

Monday, February 1, 2010


Food poisoning....ugh :(

It hit me on Saturday and I'm only now starting to feel human. So, listings will be delayed a few days.
See you then!