Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Re-emerging. Change. Moving Forward.

In two days, it will have been one month since my last post.
My absence is a testament to how incredibly busy Norbert and I were this holiday season.
We've been making jewelry, packaging said jewelry and answering convos and emails in a near constant stream from November into the days that led up to that big day.

Once we closed our shop we disconnected, sat back and breathed.

That breath was full of gratitude for all of you.
And pride for all that we accomplished.
And, to be honest, exhaustion ;)

And now I'm back...
Last week, I was finally able to bring out my camera.
It had been too long. I missed taking pictures very, very much.
My love of photography is increasing by leaps and bounds as time goes on.

Here are some of the details that catch my eye, invigorate and inspire....
because that is the state that I am currently in: 

The perfectly timed snowstorm that hit before Christmas 


Our Tree, decorated by many hands...

We sped down to New Mexico on the morning of Christmas Eve to spend the holidays with my family.
We were all together.....the cousins, which rarely happens, were all together: ducks in a row eagerly waiting.


There is a lot of change that will be coming our way.
I can't begin to explain how excited I am for it all.

Norbert and I have been talking, planning, and setting in motion a great number of our ideas.
Ideas that have been brewing for months now.

I will be writing and sharing pictures much more frequently, now that life has returned to normal, and you'll soon find out all that we plan to enfold.

Change is good.
Change, evolution, growth
is necessary.

For me.

As a metalsmith.
As a business owner.

As an Artist.

a song that I've loved and been inspired by for a long, long time

I am so happy to be back.

I'll see you very soon.....

(massive smile right there)