Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Current Fantastic Events ;)

So I have decided that I can not announce future shop updates anymore.....I have been late on the last three or four!! That's horrible :( I feel bad about it so I am going to just announce the listings a few hours prior to them actually getting up from now on. This way I can just get them listed without feeling rushed or pressured to fit it into a certain timeframe. This will work much better for me because my schedule is really all over the place.

So, this week there is no shop update.....and the reason for that is I was getting new work made to put into the shop at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art (yay!)  I thought I could finish everything on time, but that didn't happen because I was also trying to get as much work made for Norbert's meeting with prAna. They wanted to see my work in person and the outcome is that they are going to start carrying my jewelry in their flagship store!!! This makes me so incredibly happy for many reasons. First of all, yoga is incredibly important to me; the practice and the mindset. PrAna is an ecologically conscious run store and company so my recycled sterling jewelry fits perfectly within their target market. They are also located right on a prominent corner of Pearl Street Mall.

I told Norbert last night that I feel a convergence happening in my life. I am bringing my loves together and it feels wonderful.
It feels right.
Yoga is not just a workout for me. It is a philosophy. A way of life......and I am thrilled to break into a market that has meaning to me.

So I've been dancing a lot this week :)
This is a good song to dance to. I can never have enough Bjork!

See you soon :)

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Three Gentlemen, a Silversmith and a 1/2 marathon

It seems that is my life these days!
My world revolves around those boys, the business and training for a half marathon (in no particular order!).
It's good though...I am hitting a new stride with my work and I am really loving that my lungs and legs are getting stronger! I honestly had not run more than a mile, until about a month or so ago, in my WHOLE life. So the fact that I am trying to do this leaves me with such a great sense of joy that I am stepping out of my comfort zone. I feeeel the stretching :) (mental stretching that is)

So here is my new work for the week:

There are a few more things, but all in all there really isn't as big of a shop update like normal. The reason is that I have had a really wonderful week of sales (Etsy AND website!!)....this left me with very little time to create new work because I was so busy filling orders.

I think it was a fairly good balance in the studio though :)

If you haven't noticed I am quite fond of sculptural shapes. I tend to create in those terms....yes, I look to nature for inspiration, but I am also really drawn to forms. I see them in my mind and it sort of moves into different shapes and sizes and then I sketch what I see. That's how I work....most of the time.  Norbert cracks up at me a lot because I tend to stare off into space, designing in my head, and he knows where my mind is.

Now these earrings:
I am excited about them.
I see it becoming a launching pad for future earring designs.

I could not for the life of me decide between the above design or the one below until it hit me to just make them both!!
So voila! I did :)

And finally another stone.....

I don't have very many pieces with stones this week, but this ocean jasper makes up for at least a couple, right?! It is huuuuge.

Okay, off to list. I'll post on Etsy first and then my website. There are a few more than listed here.
It shouldn't be too late of a night......I hope ;)

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Cloudy afternoon.

The clouds have rolled in.
Love these summer rains.....everything is so fresh, idyllic and warm.

This weather makes me feel very introspective and creative
 so I pulled out my new sketchbooks and poured some coffee.

I got these new books from a trade I did with Resolute Twig Books. They are so adorable and
 I am always in need of sketchbooks. I try to have one in my room, studio, living area and car (because I hate writing my ideas on a scrap piece of paper....they tend to get lost that way!) but somehow all of them always end up congregating in my studio ;)

I forgot to mention that I did another trade with the lovely Rosario from Oveja Negra a few months ago for this:

I made her a couple of rings and I got a lovely version of this sweater in a heather gray.
I just LOVE Etsy.....handmade is by far my favorite ;)

.....back to daydreaming.....

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Gardening and other things...

I decided to finally plant a garden this year.....

It took a little arm-twisting on my part to get Norbert to agree to it.
You see, it meant digging out some of this grass:

I LOVE that we have one this year. Usually we're gone a good portion of the summer and since we are here this time around I got stubborn about wanting one :)

It's really little, but I packed in a good amount of herbs. And a few vegetables too. Oh, and can't forget the strawberry plant ;)
Unfortunately my dill has already been attacked by one of the gazillion bunnies that live under our back deck.

I'm going to have to build a little wire fence around them. But for some reason the rabbits haven't touched any of the other plants.....

I can't wait to start cooking with all of this stuff.....I've already dug into my basil plants for some yummy mozzarella, tomato and basil salads.
 I can eat that all summer long :)

off to bed......goodnight!

Monday, June 7, 2010


These are my birthday flowers :)

You know I like freshly cut flowers in my house! It feels like a different kind of energy floats through here when I have them. I just wish I got them more often ;)

So today, I'm working, but not quite as much as normal (birthday orders;). The day started rather slowly and I spent a good chunk of it just sitting on my front porch sipping coffee, talking to the Mister, while the boys hopped around blowing bubbles.
It was nice :)

Today is going to be mellow....can't get too wild on a Monday ;) 

I did have a super fun birthday celebration, though, on Saturday. My friend (and neighbor) just so happens to have the exact same birthday, so we decided to have a joint b-day bash.
It was fun, fun, fun :)

And on to more important news:
We are having a sale. It's another celebration of sorts.
It's our Etsy anniversary/Grand opening of our web shop sale.

It starts right now and will be going on until June 15th. Our website has the sale prices in place, whereas on Etsy we will be issuing the paypal refund after the purchase has been made.
I put all those details in my newsletter as well, which went out about half an hour ago.
Lots of good stuff going on ;)
I just can't believe it's been one year for Etsy!!

OH! And I'm also having a giveaway over here.
By the way, you really should add that gorgeous blog to your reading list.
 Stock full of inspiration.

Okay off to have lunch.....have a great day :)

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Friday, June 4, 2010

Time... seems to not work with me :)

I'm sorry for the delay in getting my listings up.....and even more for my absence from this blog. I have been working on an order for a new store that will start carrying my work. The owners of Mary Jane's (where I currently have jewelry)  in Estes Park are opening a new store named J.Stevens and they requested more of my pieces to carry there as well. I am definitely pumped about it because they are such adorable boutiques and Estes Park is a big tourist town in the summer months. I unfortunately did not figure my time well, though, because we also had some friends come to stay with us during this time (it's been 3 years since we've seen them!) and it had been mayhem trying to finish the order and wanting to visit, all while our four boys paraded up, down and all around us :)

So here is some of my work.....finally!!

I love the brass cuff above. I used a similar design as my 'latitude' sterling cuff.

And I finally am carrying more of my burst rings again. They were incredibly popular when I had them in my Etsy shop last year. The cognac amber above is a new one though.

The necklace above was a design I came up with several months ago and I finally got around to making it!
I have many, many sheets full of designs that I have yet to get to.....this is a nice problem to have :)

This is my new duality has a squared shape that I am excited about. First of all, it is a more comfortable fit that round rings, plus I think it is more modern looking.....just a nice change to the usual, you know? :)

Branches and Twigs necklace!!
 I finally got around to this one as well....when I initially designed the earrings of the same name, I knew that I needed to make a pendant as well.

The new 'Lemon Burst' ring. I use a low dome ring band for this new round of 'Burst' rings.

Amber earrings.....

And a gorgeous piece of blue chalcedony.
This was a fun piece to come up with :)

So I'm going to go and list now. I'll list on Etsy first and then the website.
This list is not comprehensive....I have almost double the jewelry than is shown.