Thursday, June 10, 2010

Cloudy afternoon.

The clouds have rolled in.
Love these summer rains.....everything is so fresh, idyllic and warm.

This weather makes me feel very introspective and creative
 so I pulled out my new sketchbooks and poured some coffee.

I got these new books from a trade I did with Resolute Twig Books. They are so adorable and
 I am always in need of sketchbooks. I try to have one in my room, studio, living area and car (because I hate writing my ideas on a scrap piece of paper....they tend to get lost that way!) but somehow all of them always end up congregating in my studio ;)

I forgot to mention that I did another trade with the lovely Rosario from Oveja Negra a few months ago for this:

I made her a couple of rings and I got a lovely version of this sweater in a heather gray.
I just LOVE Etsy.....handmade is by far my favorite ;)

.....back to daydreaming.....

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1 comment:

Monica said...

Handmade is the best way to go...for me at least :)

I've done so many trades and have a magnificent collection of handmade goodies.

Etsy is awesome!