Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Three Gentlemen, a Silversmith and a 1/2 marathon

It seems that is my life these days!
My world revolves around those boys, the business and training for a half marathon (in no particular order!).
It's good though...I am hitting a new stride with my work and I am really loving that my lungs and legs are getting stronger! I honestly had not run more than a mile, until about a month or so ago, in my WHOLE life. So the fact that I am trying to do this leaves me with such a great sense of joy that I am stepping out of my comfort zone. I feeeel the stretching :) (mental stretching that is)

So here is my new work for the week:

There are a few more things, but all in all there really isn't as big of a shop update like normal. The reason is that I have had a really wonderful week of sales (Etsy AND website!!)....this left me with very little time to create new work because I was so busy filling orders.

I think it was a fairly good balance in the studio though :)

If you haven't noticed I am quite fond of sculptural shapes. I tend to create in those terms....yes, I look to nature for inspiration, but I am also really drawn to forms. I see them in my mind and it sort of moves into different shapes and sizes and then I sketch what I see. That's how I work....most of the time.  Norbert cracks up at me a lot because I tend to stare off into space, designing in my head, and he knows where my mind is.

Now these earrings:
I am excited about them.
I see it becoming a launching pad for future earring designs.

I could not for the life of me decide between the above design or the one below until it hit me to just make them both!!
So voila! I did :)

And finally another stone.....

I don't have very many pieces with stones this week, but this ocean jasper makes up for at least a couple, right?! It is huuuuge.

Okay, off to list. I'll post on Etsy first and then my website. There are a few more than listed here.
It shouldn't be too late of a night......I hope ;)

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Leigha said...

Gorgeous jewelry and beautiful goal (a half-marathon!).

blue hour designs said...

Thank you so much Leigha!
Welcome to my blog :)