Friday, June 4, 2010

Time... seems to not work with me :)

I'm sorry for the delay in getting my listings up.....and even more for my absence from this blog. I have been working on an order for a new store that will start carrying my work. The owners of Mary Jane's (where I currently have jewelry)  in Estes Park are opening a new store named J.Stevens and they requested more of my pieces to carry there as well. I am definitely pumped about it because they are such adorable boutiques and Estes Park is a big tourist town in the summer months. I unfortunately did not figure my time well, though, because we also had some friends come to stay with us during this time (it's been 3 years since we've seen them!) and it had been mayhem trying to finish the order and wanting to visit, all while our four boys paraded up, down and all around us :)

So here is some of my work.....finally!!

I love the brass cuff above. I used a similar design as my 'latitude' sterling cuff.

And I finally am carrying more of my burst rings again. They were incredibly popular when I had them in my Etsy shop last year. The cognac amber above is a new one though.

The necklace above was a design I came up with several months ago and I finally got around to making it!
I have many, many sheets full of designs that I have yet to get to.....this is a nice problem to have :)

This is my new duality has a squared shape that I am excited about. First of all, it is a more comfortable fit that round rings, plus I think it is more modern looking.....just a nice change to the usual, you know? :)

Branches and Twigs necklace!!
 I finally got around to this one as well....when I initially designed the earrings of the same name, I knew that I needed to make a pendant as well.

The new 'Lemon Burst' ring. I use a low dome ring band for this new round of 'Burst' rings.

Amber earrings.....

And a gorgeous piece of blue chalcedony.
This was a fun piece to come up with :)

So I'm going to go and list now. I'll list on Etsy first and then the website.
This list is not comprehensive....I have almost double the jewelry than is shown.



CrowNology said...

Beautiful Work as usual.
Sounds like a few great problems to have... :)

blue hour designs said...

hahaha.....Thanks Andrea!
I do have to agree :)

Cathi said...

Beautiful jewelry!! xxoo :)

Leigha said...

The floral necklace is bellissimo!