Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Shop Update and Announcement

This is a sampling of some of the pieces that will be going up in my Etsy shop right after this posting. I've been working hard on many, many things today...

I made the necklace above in the same design as my 'Round and Round' bracelet.

And now for the big news....over the last few months Norbert has been building us a new website. I had the vision of what I wanted, along with the design details, but Norbert has completely built this thing from start to finish. I would just basically say, 'no I want this arrangement of pictures,' or 'I like this kind of color scheme' and so on....Really, 99.9% of this website is his doing. I am very, very happy with this change and more importantly we now have an online shop where we will be selling our work.

I am, HOWEVER, not going to drop or neglect Etsy.
I love that site not only for what it has done for me, but also because it is such a supportive community.

So, I will be putting new work in both shops...equally......eventually. Now in the beginning, though, I will be trying to beef up my online shop a bit more. Both sites will have much of the same 'made to order' items.

The pieces below are in my NEW online shop:

 I am ultra, ultra excited!!
We changed so many things from the original website. It's not in any way the same really.

The front page has rotating images, a wholesale page, a much nicer portfolio page, FAQ, and so on.......
Sorry, I don't want to bore you with details, but you should definitely go take a gander ;)

Okay, I'm off to finish listing the remaining items on Etsy....

goodnight :)

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emer said...

Alysia! How amazing is that - a new website and your first Etsy anniversay! How exciting!
The new website looks great (pat on the back for Norbert!). I'm sure you'll be seeing me over there as well some time soon ;)

Monica said...

Your website looks fantastic! I've signed up for your newsletters, too :)

blue hour designs said...

Thank you guys!! I know....lot's of stuff to celebrate over here ;)
I am VERY excited :)

stephanie said...

congratulations! what a HUGE step! i'm so happy for you! :)