Saturday, May 8, 2010


....we made it back home a few days ago, but it's taken a few days to re-acclimate ;)

My boys have had at least a gazillion hugs and kisses since we've returned.

So are you ready for a WHOLE LOT MORE pics?? is Denmark:

Indrek's birthday party consisted of: 
1. amazing food....4 courses to be exact!
2. mojitos & wine
3. Fantastic conversation
4. An impromptu juggling fest
5. Sore cheeks - so, so much laughing!!! love this SO much
6. 5 a.m. bedtime - can't tell you the last time that happened!

Now a tour of Copenhagen...

The Queen's palace

A boat ride

The most amazing views!

A very chic and metropolitan city....

This is amusement park that led me prancing around snapping roughly 200 hundred pictures of lights, sculptural shapes and architecture. It is seriously a wonderland...

And now.....Hamlet's castle.

I LOVE castles...anything ancient and old, really. This means that you can catch me staring in fascination at cobblestone streets, gargoyle water drips, sculptures......all the details. I notice and absolutely love them. I guess this started when I was very young and read loads of stories that were based in these settings. I don't think I'll ever tire of looking up, down, and all around me, searching out the remnants of history.

I've already said AT LEAST a million times that I love to travel....this equates to a very, very happy me right now. I've had a wonderful fill.......and next? Well according to my husband and Indrek it's Argentina....same time next year ;)

....and as always, an inspired me, means that I've come home with designs dancing in my head :)

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Monica said...

Wow, what a beautiful city! Thanks for sharing the photos :)

Charlotta Ward said...

Oh how fun! Denmark is fantastic - I love it there. Have spent many summers in and around the different islands. My favourite place is Skagen. It is magic and so full of artistic inspiration.

Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures. Home sick now!.. :)

xx Charlotta

blue hour designs said...

I am definitely looking forward to going back....that's the great thing about having friends that live in great locales!!