Friday, December 18, 2009

Etsy and a little bit of Funk

this necklace will go up in the shop this weekend :)

Yesterday I came across this article about Etsy. It's a good read. I thought it was interesting to note how some of the people interviewed dealt with growth and success. On my own small scale we have definitely been dealing with some of these issues, especially those related to balancing family life and business. I have a lot of thoughts and comments concerning this subject matter, but I think we will discuss them more in depth in the future......

So I have decided that I am going to leave my Etsy shop open during the holidays, but it will be limited to only what is in-stock. I won't take any custom orders or make any jewelry during that time because I will be in New Mexico opening presents and drinking eggnog!! ;) Well actually, that is only partially true! We will be in NM for one week and then when we get back I am going to lock myself away and work feverishly on new work. I am excited to re-open my shop with a different look! I have worked out a system to balance 'made to order' and new/one of a kind designs. I think it will be best for my business because it will keep people interested in my work, and for me because you have all heard me mention several times how I need to have more creative time. So on Monday night, the 21st, I will close down my workshop. I have already put this information in my shop announcement on the Etsy page and there is also some additional info if, between now and Monday, anyone is interested in ordering some last minute Christmas gifts.

Okay, so the music that I've been listening to this past week has been decidedly more uptempo with a dash of funk for good measure ;) I've had Beastie Boys, A Tribe Called Quest & Fatboy Slim, among others, on heavy rotation while working. And speaking of Fatboy of the best videos I have ever seen is this one:

Have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Milk and Loveliness

Look at what we are getting delivered to our house every week!

Fresh milk from a dairy down the road!! Woo-hoo :) In glass bottles no less! It is so cool to hear someone tell you that there are no antibiotics or growth hormones in their milk because they milk their own cows, so they should know.

I really do love how even though I am 5 minutes from Boulder and 20 minutes from Denver, I am still surrounded by farms. In the summer there are farm stands EVERYWHERE. There is so much wonderful fresh food to choose from and it is all grown or milked within the area.

Ever since I had my oldest son I have become so much more aware of what is in the food we eat to where now, the bulk of our food is 'whole food' basically meaning unprocessed. I used to be so obsessed with low-carb/low-sugar/low-fat during all of those stupid fads before I had my kids. Now I eat bread, butter, potatoes (within reason) and of course lots of vegetables without worrying about all the other crap. I finally realized that as long as I am active, eating mainly whole and unprocessed food and not eating five servings in one sitting I'll be healthy.....which is really the most important thing, right?? Of course, lets not forget looks, because I'll be honest....I'm a bit vain. I want to look good too! Interestingly enough though, ever since I stopped worrying about 'dieting' and just eating good normal food, my weight has stopped fluctuating.

Okay, on to some loveliness. What do you think?
Found via Papernstitch
I think this lantern is utterly gorgeous.....everything from the exquisite fabrication itself to the photography. I would love, love, love a trio of these to put on my patio table in the summer.
I also found these lovely items from Pacha Design....

I am continuously inspired when I venture into the huge world of design blogs and sites. I need to set aside more time to do so because it is definitely very inspiring as an artist. Its almost like getting a bit of a 'inspirational pick me-up' when I browse through these sites.

So now it is time to play with the boys because nap time is over......I did want to mention quickly that my title last blogpost was in reference to going a week without posting in my blog. My husband was very confused about the 'record' that I perhaps some of you were confused as well ;)


Monday, December 14, 2009

I broke my last record...

I am wonderfully caught up and I am now getting my orders out in droves. I suspect that a lot of the Christmas shopping will start winding down for my Etsy shop this week. I plan on working up until next Monday or Tuesday and then we will be leaving again to NM on Wednesday. This time, though, we will stay for almost a week. This will be a much more relaxing type of vacation than Thanksgiving. Taking off those few days was hard because I was so busy during that time. It was hard for me to unwind. I just knew how much I still had to finish on my bench. This time should/hope to be different.....

On Friday night I went to the opening of the Gallery show and sale I've been talking to you about. I popped in only for a little bit because I was by myself. My husband had to watch our two monkeys. There was no way in hell I was going to take those two to a gallery overflowing with breakables ;)

I covertly snapped a few pictures, because I wasn't exactly sure if it was allowed, but I really wanted to document this experience.....I am SO proud.
I have to say that I am stock full of emotions right now. I have been for the last month to be honest. I opened up my Etsy shop in May and then closed it up for 7 weeks in the summer when we were in Europe, so basically I've had it open for only 6 months....and it really has been such a whirlwind. Thankfully, my husband has become so completely indispensable with this business that I can no longer say that this is my business. It is ours. Without his strength in business, marketing, and all things technical, I couldn't have come this far. That is the truth of the matter. And that is why I can say with complete humility and pride: that we have had a successful 6 months.

The emotions I am going through though, are feelings of elation with multiple doses of fatigue and excitement. Have I mentioned that I am a gemini?? I do happen to feel all emotions in the 'emotion spectrum' to their absolute fullest! hahaha!! I guess that means I am also a bit (bit might not be the word my husband would use) moody and passionate.

So, we have been able to share a work schedule that we are still fine-tuning to meet the needs of our business (we are sitting down and going over this again tonight!). We have to share it without both of us working full time because we also have our two young ones at home. So we split time with them and working, but I can't tell you how satisfied we feel at the end of the day working intensely on our business and creating so, so many shared memories and experiences as a family.

There are mucho, mucho ideas and plans on the board, but this post is already reaching its limit! I'll save some of this for later ;)

Sorry, again, for the sporadic will get better!!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Almost....but not quite a week

That's how long I've been gone :( I guess it goes without saying that I've been that's my reason for being a delinquent blogger! I did take some time off over the weekend to spend some much needed time with my family. I got some work in, but not too much.

We also spent some time getting all of this loveliness up.....

We got a fresh blanket of snow yesterday.
This is what I am peering at from inside my warm, toasty house....

I think it is so beautiful. Quiet, too.

I have a full day ahead of me and I am making some new work as well. I slipped it in. I've realized that is how I have to plan my days. Otherwise when it is busy I'll never get new work posted in my shop. I think its good to do this for several reasons: First, I have customers who love one of a kind pieces and by not having a good selection in my shop I am totally ignoring them. Secondly, its good for my soul. I love to play with silver and stone and that completes the artist in me. I do have to say once again that I am so, so happy that there are many of you who are drawn to my 'made to order' designs. I've been making Amber Burst and Petite Amber rings like a mad woman!! :) This has been a great year for me. Really.

I foresee my time here being a bit sporadic this month: Hey - its the biggest shopping season of the year, right! ;) I will really try to write more often than once a week though.....because that's just bad!

Until next time....;)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Almost back to normal...

I'll be working late again tonight....but everything goes to the gallery tomorrow morning! Woo-hoo, I'm almost done :) To keep me pumped today I blasted this song over and over and over....

I think I still have the New Order cassette tape with this song floating around somewhere in a box with other pieces of junk that I am sentimetally attached to and have dragged with me over the last 15 years ;)

I've been working on orders from this past weekend's sale as well and I'll be able to finish them up and send them off on their merry ways this week.

Off to work! ;)