Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Things that I am seeing today:

A magnet with the inscription:

Only the soul that loves is happy.

An afternoon cup of coffee lit by the sun.

Will be seeing them in three weeks.
(Last saw them in 1997 when I was a wee college kid)

My five year old's artwork.
He has an insatiable appetite for markers and paper. Love!

And looking forward to an hour and a half yoga session topping off my day. :)

p.s. We have a free domestic and $2 international shipping special running right now through May 8th for Mother's Day. Also, our newsletter is going out tomorrow. Let me know if you'd like to receive them: info@bluehourdesigns.com

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Saturday, April 23, 2011

winding down

Do you ever get stuck at the computer?
Sometimes before bed I'll plop down and look through certain sites....and then all of a sudden it is far later than I intended for getting to bed. Even if I was dog tired when I first sat down.
Tonight, I got stuck reading a few very inspirational blogs and watching some new favorite songs.
Over and over.

This is one of them.

Time to pry myself away and get to bed.


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Friday, April 22, 2011

A Message

The timely message from my morning cup of tea:

Duly noted :)

I got this idea from the lovely Crownology blog.
Always inspired by her photography.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I've decided that I don't pick up my camera nearly as much as I'd like to.
And on top of that I've decided I want to just start taking more pictures of things I see.
(This will be my springtime resolution)
I enjoy looking closely. I enjoy looking at the big picture as well as the details.

They can be mundane or sublime, but through my lens it is all very visually stimulating.

I'll be sharing more of that because sometimes I just don't have a whole lot to say.

But, I do want to share more of what I see :)

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Monday, April 18, 2011

The Lengthening of Days

One of the things I love about spring and summer is the increased daylight.
Many people moan (yep, you Dad :) about losing that daylight savings hour when it first happens, but I happen to be thrilled because that means more time to spend outdoors. 

More time to spend walking to coffeeshops. 
More time to garden.
More time for that evening walk or bike ride.
More time for eating and drinking on a patio somewhere in the sun or under an umbrella.

More time to just bask.

Don't you think?

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Rundown

Here is the new work that I listed this week....in a complete rundown minus a few pieces that were re-introduced into the shop.

How incredibly beautiful is this Willow Creek Jasper? It is very similar to Imperial Jasper, which I adore.

There were several brand new techniques and materials that I introduced this time around.
One of them was the inclusion of gold. I plan on using it more as an accent to silver, like the nest necklace below. I love the combination of mixed metals.

There will be a few pieces, however, like these earrings that will be solid gold all on their own.

The copper version!

This Turquoise puppy joins the amber burst family of rings.

And I included pearls for the first time in the remaining pieces.
I know I am going to be using them much more. I think they have become a new obsession :)

I had yet to use faceted stones, as well. I just feel like I opened so many more doors to my designing with this new batch of jewelry.

The construction of hollow forms is a new technique I learned and have had so much fun with.
Each of these pieces also houses a pearl.

I have had so much fun making these pieces. It's safe to say, more fun than I have had in a while.
I always love designing and making new jewelry but working with new tools and materials this time around just raised the ante thrill factor for me. 

So, 29 listings in total, which is A LOT!
Of course, it had been far too long since my last shop update so I needed to make up for some lost time.

I can't wait to get started on new work next week.
Lots and lots of ideas are brewing...........stay tuned ;)

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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Dusting off...

It is time.
I am dusting off this blog from it's extended hiatus.
And to be honest it was not intentional...at least not in the beginning.

Here is where I have been:
Creating/Making/Designing - a lot
Taking a metalsmithing class
On the yoga mat - wonderfully a lot, too
Visiting family
Thinking in my little cave

There are many layers to the above and I am sure I will touch on them quite a bit in the future. I have mulled so much in my mind the past month and a great deal of things are happening.
Good things.
I've learned some new techniques that have really invigorated my metalsmithing and I hope you'll think so as well. So my absence was really just about me shifting, expanding and learning.

I will share much of it with you very soon.

For now, I've got to get back to editing my pictures because I plan on updating our shops tomorrow afternoon.
I hope you'll be there as well :)


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