Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Semi-annual Sale...

...starts now!
Everything in both our online shop and Etsy shop is marked 15% off from now until the end of July.

Summer sale, baby :)

p.s. The newsletter just went out with some extra tidbits of information....for all you newbies, let me know if you'd like to start receiving it.

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Monday, July 18, 2011

weekend snippets...

I can't begin to tell you how much I love coffee houses. Cafés. Coffee shops.
Almost every one that I have been to has some element of comfort. Something that invites you in, fills you up and begs you to curl into some worn out, comfortable chair and stay awhile.

I checked out a new one on Friday, with my mom and boys, and I have added it to my list of favs. Because, you know, Norbert and I have a list.

And that list usually must consist of several elements:
1. good coffee (almost goes without saying, right?)
2. cozy atmosphere
3. kid-friendly (because we have two of them attached to our hips for an indefinite amount of time :)
4. good coffee (because it's that important.) Have I mentioned that I have been reaquainted to caffeine thanks to the parents who lived with us for 6 weeks and preceded to grind and brew fresh coffee EVERY morning, whilst living here???!! I know, I just wrote 'whilst'....I think I've been seeing too many Masterpiece Theater movies, lately. But seriously, who could avoid addiction with that kind of morning ritual?!

I look up a lot.
It's random, but I like it.

And I have to say...kids are so much fun. They really are. Their giggles and excitement are SO contagious and one of the best mood boosters. Ever. These boys had perma-grins plastered onto their faces this whole time. Up and down, up and down. And then they topped it off with a big ol' bag of fresh kettle corn.

Ahhhhh, summertime........

p.s. We have something big up our sleeves. Come by on Wednesday (correction: Tuesday) to find out :)

p.p.s. This is how I am starting my work week.....listening to a new spin on an old favorite.

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Friday, July 15, 2011

a peek over my shoulder...

Am I not a poster child for safety, or what?? ;)
I look like I'm ready to enter a clean room of some lab or something.

We are heading to the fair again this evening except this time we'll head over on our bikes.
First, I've got to get some dinner going.

I spent a wonderful morning with my mom and my two monkeys. We headed to some yard sales and consignment shops, and we even snuck a coffee break at a cafe as well as a lunchtime picnic at the park. Right now, I'm still needing to get off of here and get dinner started. Zee parents will be here any minute...

I'll show you pics of our day later.
Have I mentioned that I'm honoring my springtime resolution??
Yep, the camera is with my everywhere.

Have a great evening. It's the WEEKEND.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

the goings on.....

A quick overnight trip (with my new party of six, because ever since my parents moved up, we have been traveling in a pack together :) began with a drizzly drive into the mountains on I-70 that led to Vail.

It's a sweet, Austrian-esque ski town....if you've never been there, it's worth a visit.

One of the things I love about Vail are the abundant amounts of art and sculpture that are erected on every corner....even the kinda crazy ones are cool to see.

And then we moved on to Salida.

The smell of fresh rain is the best smell on earth.
Besides fresh baked bread, that is.
And it was raining everywhere we went that weekend. Not constantly.
Just bits here and there. Enough to bring in some moisture and a constant barrage of fresh smells.
I LOVE it.

My Dad.
Kicking back at the end of a long day.

We played here, went to the farmer's market, found a few deals at some yard sales...

That boy of mine is the sweetest most huggable, loveable child. Ever.
Okay, make that two.

And they sure do love their Nana and Papa.

But, before heading home we landed at our main attraction....AND take a look at that line to get in!

When we finally rolled home we arrived, to that sky, and more drizzling.

We've been having some pretty fantastic weekends, lately.
I didn't even capture one photo of my Aunt and Uncle's visit from Sunday and Monday!
We laughed, when we parted ways last night, that our time spent together had been nothing short of decadent.
And it so was.

And by the way...
I've been listening to this guy like crazy, lately.

Press play and then prop your feet up.....it's so beautiful:

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

ode to summer

A pictorial:

A stop for coffee, chocolate milk, bagels, puzzles and comics....

                                                                                                                             is the perfect Sunday morning.

A mini neighborhood gathering:

Do sparklers ever lose their appeal?


Onto the big ones:

I have never lost my child-like excitement for fireworks.

It was a fantastic weekend filled with friends, family and neighbors.
I hope you had a nice one, as well :)

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Sunday, July 3, 2011

the List

And here it is:

Few words today. Just a lot of images.
I am currently 'cleaning house' ;)

I guess I should actually get to it....tonight its a preview bbq and fireworks. There'll be more tomorrow. I'll take some pictures and show you later.

Have a FANTASTIC fourth of July my fellow Americans!

p.s. We hit 2,000 sales on Etsy today...it's a milestone :) THANK YOU!

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