Tuesday, February 26, 2013

santa fe details


We had some good friends from Estonia visit us and my family in New Mexico over the holidays.
We had a ton of fun.
I took a ton of pictures (of course).
And one of our stops, with them, was in Santa Fe for a few hours on our way home to Colorado.

I always like to take people there who have never been. I'm probably biased, being New Mexican, but I think it is incredibly unique and beautiful. 

These are some of the details that caught my eye that snowy, cold morning..........



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Sunday, February 24, 2013


Do you remember how we took off to Europe last summer?
Well, I am still, yes still logging away hours looking through the bulk of my photos. I never got around to showing you half of that trip and I DO plan on sharing it all here because that trip was nothing short of flippin' fantastic.

More than that, actually....in a word:  unreal.
So this morning, I am going to show you one part of Budapest. There will be more.

We spent most days like this:
-We woke up when we felt like it. Even the boys (thank god!).
-Packed up the backpack for a day/evening/night of wandering.
-Found a cafe for our noon time breakfast.....because, like I said we woke up when we were ready to. What a novel idea in my normal land!

-And then, we.just.took.it.all.in.

That meant, that we explored, and ate, and drank, and explored some more, each day to its absolute fullest. 

These details!!
This city is just flat-out gorgeous.
Every nook and cranny.

If you can only imagine, how blissfully happy I was, each and every day on this trip. 
With a camera in hand.

I have wanderlust in my veins.

I remember when I was younger, one of the ideal careers that I wanted, was to be a National Geographic photographer. 
To get paid to travel and photograph every corner of the world.
That just completely blew my mind and, still, to this day I want to visit nearly every inch of the globe.

Hands down, one of the coolest things we saw on this trip was the Duna Karneval (translated: Danube Carnival).
It is a huge international dance and music festival that we just happened to come across while wandering through the city.

So incredible that we even went back the following day to see the traditional dance performances.
The boys were equally mesmerized...

Norbert took some video of this performance with his phone that you can see below.
You have to see how amazing these guys were...but, just as an FYI:  the video is shaky.
Norbert had some mad videographing skills filming this while balancing a wiggly 4 year old on his shoulders!

Like the cities before, Budapest will be a series of posts, unto itself.
Absolutely mesmerizing.
This city was.

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

snow day

We have had a bone dry winter so far this year, so when the snow began to fall late yesterday afternoon, it was a welcome change. 
My personal opinion is, that if everything is dead and brown, it needs to be covered in fluffy white. 

Then it's festive and utterly beautiful. Like this.....



Now, this encourages ridiculous amounts of hot beverages, slowing down.....and maybe a puzzle or two?

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