Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Milk and Loveliness

Look at what we are getting delivered to our house every week!

Fresh milk from a dairy down the road!! Woo-hoo :) In glass bottles no less! It is so cool to hear someone tell you that there are no antibiotics or growth hormones in their milk because they milk their own cows, so they should know.

I really do love how even though I am 5 minutes from Boulder and 20 minutes from Denver, I am still surrounded by farms. In the summer there are farm stands EVERYWHERE. There is so much wonderful fresh food to choose from and it is all grown or milked within the area.

Ever since I had my oldest son I have become so much more aware of what is in the food we eat to where now, the bulk of our food is 'whole food' basically meaning unprocessed. I used to be so obsessed with low-carb/low-sugar/low-fat during all of those stupid fads before I had my kids. Now I eat bread, butter, potatoes (within reason) and of course lots of vegetables without worrying about all the other crap. I finally realized that as long as I am active, eating mainly whole and unprocessed food and not eating five servings in one sitting I'll be healthy.....which is really the most important thing, right?? Of course, lets not forget looks, because I'll be honest....I'm a bit vain. I want to look good too! Interestingly enough though, ever since I stopped worrying about 'dieting' and just eating good normal food, my weight has stopped fluctuating.

Okay, on to some loveliness. What do you think?
Found via Papernstitch
I think this lantern is utterly gorgeous.....everything from the exquisite fabrication itself to the photography. I would love, love, love a trio of these to put on my patio table in the summer.
I also found these lovely items from Pacha Design....

I am continuously inspired when I venture into the huge world of design blogs and sites. I need to set aside more time to do so because it is definitely very inspiring as an artist. Its almost like getting a bit of a 'inspirational pick me-up' when I browse through these sites.

So now it is time to play with the boys because nap time is over......I did want to mention quickly that my title last blogpost was in reference to going a week without posting in my blog. My husband was very confused about the 'record' that I perhaps some of you were confused as well ;)



stephanie said...

i completely agree with you about the food stuff. everything in moderation, eat healthy and stay active! i bet that milk is soooooo good!

blue hour designs said...

Hi Stephanie -

Yep, the milk tastes delish ;)
Not going back to store bought!

Cathi said...

I was just thinking about that a few days ago, how we used to have milk delivered to the door, and the bread and donut man would come in his truck in the mornings and honk down the street....loved those donuts!

Thank you for your kind words on my blog, I truly appreciate it! :)