Monday, June 7, 2010


These are my birthday flowers :)

You know I like freshly cut flowers in my house! It feels like a different kind of energy floats through here when I have them. I just wish I got them more often ;)

So today, I'm working, but not quite as much as normal (birthday orders;). The day started rather slowly and I spent a good chunk of it just sitting on my front porch sipping coffee, talking to the Mister, while the boys hopped around blowing bubbles.
It was nice :)

Today is going to be mellow....can't get too wild on a Monday ;) 

I did have a super fun birthday celebration, though, on Saturday. My friend (and neighbor) just so happens to have the exact same birthday, so we decided to have a joint b-day bash.
It was fun, fun, fun :)

And on to more important news:
We are having a sale. It's another celebration of sorts.
It's our Etsy anniversary/Grand opening of our web shop sale.

It starts right now and will be going on until June 15th. Our website has the sale prices in place, whereas on Etsy we will be issuing the paypal refund after the purchase has been made.
I put all those details in my newsletter as well, which went out about half an hour ago.
Lots of good stuff going on ;)
I just can't believe it's been one year for Etsy!!

OH! And I'm also having a giveaway over here.
By the way, you really should add that gorgeous blog to your reading list.
 Stock full of inspiration.

Okay off to have lunch.....have a great day :)

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