Thursday, February 11, 2010


...of winter. I was a bit down the last few days and I think I am hitting that 'sick of winter' place. I usually get it around now. Don't get me wrong....I do love winter and all that it entails. Snow, holidays, winter clothing, the bare and quiet beauty of it all, but I am done with it now. Until next year! It is time for gardening and riding my bike and farmer's markets know. All the good stuff :)

Good thing I got a whiff of spring today...that has transported me to a better place in my head.

I finished my new baubles for the week and I'll be posting them in through the evening. I might finish tonight, depending on how speedy I can be ;) Otherwise tomorrow I will wrap up.

Here are a couple of my new ones....I am excited to start making bracelets like the one above. It was about time!

This ring also holds a gorgeous piece of quartz that I just received last week. I have a couple more, but I already know that I am going to have to get more.

Otherwise things are rolling on here on the homefront. You know....thank goodness when I'm feeling blah and like a lump on a log, Norbert can jump behind the wheel for awhile. Sometimes I just need to curl up in bed, take a nap, listen to some music and disconnect for a bit. That is my kind of bandaid ;)

Have a wonderful's almost here!
(I think this is a universal feeling, even working from home we look forward to is so engrained!)

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Charlotta Ward said...

That ring!
Darling you've done it again!