Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I woke up on Valentine's Day to this...

I absolutely love tulips...seeing them on my kitchen table makes me think that I should maybe consider keeping fresh flowers there as often as possible. It's funny....but everytime I come downstairs and catch a glimpse of this beautiful bouquet I can't help but smile :)

After breakfast Norbert went downstairs to work for a few hours and the boys and I made him a big heart-shaped brownie. While it was baking we headed outdoors to shovel the new blanket that arrived that morning:

(fresh air does me good)

We decided to make this our lunch, because you know....we can ;)

Coffee and ice cream, in addition, rounds it up quite nice!

That was my Valentine's.....low-key, but relaxing and sweet.

Oh...and Lilliam - this lovely is patiently waiting for you on your doorstep :)

Bye! ;)


Cathi said...

That sounds like a wonderful Valentines Day!

Beautiful necklace! :)

blue hour designs said...

Thank you Cathi! :)

Monica said...

What a lovely day and a beautiful bouquet!

Tulips have always been a favorite of mine. They'll be blooming so beautifully in England in about a month...wish I could be back there for it!