Thursday, February 4, 2010

Changes rolling on in...

It's late!! I already know tomorrow is going to be a two/three cup coffee day. Thank goodness for that!

My pansa (stomach) is healed....actually since Tuesday morning.....and I've been a little elf trying to finish up my last batch of jewelry, photograph, list and run around playing shadow games, playdoh and endless amounts of puzzles (my two year old is addicted!). It has been an interesting week. Plus we drove all the heck over Boulder county getting our car fixed yesterday. That was fun. One place fixed one part and then another place had to fix the other part, meanwhile they had to coordinate....

Sooo, I just finished listing a load of earrings and a few larger pieces including the ring above. Travel on over to my shop to see all the new items or if you are on facebook you can check out my facebook business page....each piece is always listed there as well.

I also revamped all my banners and avatars everywhere. I am excited about the design....I truly feel like it reflects my style and more importantly, my work. Our business and bio cards along with the packaging changed as well. The last piece, our website, will be relaunched within a month hopefully. Norbert is putting all of his energy into that right now. I'll let you know when that happpens.

Okay off to bed....;)


Charlotta Ward said...

Hello my dear,
Glad you are feeling better and that you're busy at work. I can't believe how much you have done lately. Love all your new designs!

I have just nominated you for one or two awards. You choose if you want them both - I think you should accept all of them (!).
Anyway - please pop over to my blog and pick them up when you have time.
I look forward to reading your responses.


blue hour designs said...

Thank you for putting such a big smile on my face!!!
I happily accept them! I will answer them very soon...hopefully in the next few days.

I relate to almost all of your answers....and I absolutely loved the inclusion of images to punctuate each response. What a wonderful idea :)