Monday, January 31, 2011

A Closer Look

I didn't have much time after listing the new pieces last week to post them here like I usually do.
Until this morning.



I love looking at each collection all together like this.
All the colors.
All the forms.

This feeling is always one that spurs my mind forward.
Sometimes that need to create more and more feels like a hunger.
It is the good kind of anxiety.
Not the bad. Because I know that one, too.

I am doing computer-related work this morning while my little sick one is asleep upstairs.
 This afternoon it's to the studio.

Have a fantastic start of your week!

p.s. The newsletter is out :)

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Kristi said...

They're beautiful... but that purple ring is absolutely stunning. Love it.

blue hour designs said...

Thank you Kristi!
Amethyst has such an insanely deep purple hue. I love it.

Petra said...

What a joy to watch your beautiful pieces... Really like the bracelet, such simplicity, wonderful!

Cathi said...

I hope your little one gets better soon...that purple ring is gorgeous, and I can't wait to receive it!!! :) xxoo

Andrea~CrowNology~ said...

I was struggling for the exact word...
Classic. Elegant.
Perfectly timeless.

blue hour designs said...

Oh, Thank you ALL :)

Dorothy said...

They are all gorgeous, but I think that amethyst in the necklace is one of the most incredible stones I've ever laid my eyes on! Your work is so inspired.