Monday, January 17, 2011


I have become a collector..

..of stones.
I have drawers of them. Right now I have this one tray sitting on my bench because it makes me happy to look up every now and then and see this rainbow.

I am ecstatic to get my new work listed.
It's been a long while since I've had a shop update and to be honest when I first started these new pieces I felt a bit rusty. I have had ideas and designs bursting out of my head, but when I actually sat down to start:  I stared outside.
I stared at my stones.
And then I stared at my sketches.

And after a little bit it all came flooding back so that I am now at this happy frenzy state where I am a little schyzo in my studio.I am all over the place.
Like a hummingbird that can't quite settle.
I start things and before finishing them, I start other things just because I am feeling this overflow of inspiration and I can't wait a couple of hours. I have to sketch. To try it out.
It's a wonderful feeling really.

I've been enjoying the fresh air outside, too.
I've learned the hard way that I need to balance even the things I love.
If I don't force myself out and into the open, I inevitably hit a wall.

That's what happens when the pendulum gets stuck in one place.

This, admittedly, is odd because I love - scratch that - need being outdoors in fresh air to feel normal. But, for some reason I tend to hibernate in the winter (fairly normal human behavior I think). I become sluggish and more tired. Getting outside clears my head. I guess that is the one downfall from working from home: the tendency to be cooped up.

So now I am getting out more.

Besides, it's these little glimpses that make me feel my most creative.

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CrowNology said...

I'm not sure if it's intentional or not but I feel an openness here that I hadn't noticed before...Your blog has a wonderful new vibe!
I hope it's through your whole life...The good vibes!
I love this post. The words and photos are lovely.

Petra said...

Love your collection of stones, so inspiring!
This morning I brought my daughter to school on my bike, cicling in the blue hour in the freezing cold.. it was amazing! Had to think of you. Love your blog!
Happy weekending...

blue hour designs said...

Thank you Andrea!
To be honest, I think I am finally hitting my stride with this whole blog thing. I've figured out what I want to do with this space....
I want to share more of what inspires me: from the simple to the elaborate, my art and moments from my everyday life. I am happy that it is being conveyed!

blue hour designs said...

p.s. It took a year and a half of writing in my blog to get comfortable with it ;)

blue hour designs said...

Petra -
I bet the feeling was exhilarating! I love, love, love to be out at that time. It's almost ethereal isn't it?
Thank you so much for coming by!

Stacie @ said...

That is a fantastic photo of your beautiful stones. Yummy. ;-)

blue hour designs said...

Thank you Stacie!
I'm having fun diving into them too...