Sunday, August 23, 2009

coffee and rain

We had a change of pace today...instead of our normal Sunday morning bike rides, we decided to walk to a local coffee shop.

That coffee is about the size of my head :) ....and it was good.

It was a lazy morning. We just drank coffee, while the kids played. It was very nice.

In the afternoon I listed my new rings and my husband and I discussed my display for the fair. We are still trying to figure out what I need and exactly how I want the setup to look like. This is our first time so everything is still such an unknown. There are a few things we still have to get....and the fair is two weeks away!! Not gonna panic....not gonna panic.....

Later, we went for our normal bike ride post-dinner.

It rained for a tiny bit while we were riding. The air smelled so, so wonderful!

I love the summer rains....growing up in the desert, monsoon season was always the best time of the year for me.

Now that I have my little camera back I am able to take it along with me everywhere again.

Back to work early tomorrow morning.....I'm off to bed. goodnight!


liz r. said...

Tempt me not with that coffee! I've had my share for today.

Thanks for mentioning the Outlander series; I'll look for it.

blue hour designs said...

Ha, ha, ha! My coffee love affair has gotten out of hand a little bit recently :)