Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Images of Estonia

I finished putting up the last three pieces of jewelry today. Etsy had some maintenance issues last night so I was unable to post everything then.

I mentioned a couple of posts ago that I wanted to put up some pictures of Estonia from our last trip several years ago. I was unable to include any before, because my camera had gone belly up during our travels. So thanks to my mom I have some to share :)

The following seven pictures were taken in the capital city of Tallinn, where my husband is from. Tallinn was first mentioned in historical records as a city in the year 1154. I'm sure there was a village located there even before that. Needless to say their old town is REALLY old and extraordinarily beautiful...

This picture of my dad, one of my wee ones and me was taken in the city of Tartu when we were visiting family. I don't have very many pictures of this city unfortunately. It is also quite beautiful there.

The last two pictures are from the Estonian island of Saaremaa. The picture below shows part of the castle that we visited and the last one was taken at a local restaurant.

So I'm off to the post office now to ship off a couple of orders. My Botswana ring was snatched up last night and 20 minutes after I posted this ring today:

it flew off the shelf!
I am feeling very, very grateful right now :)

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