Tuesday, August 18, 2009

music and listings

Yesterday I quit working around midday because for some strange reason I had a pretty bad headache. I very rarely have headaches...couple that with an overall achy feeling and I was pretty sure I was coming down with something. Luckily that was not the case. However, I quit after lunch, went to bed and just vegged the rest of the evening. Last night I realized that I had not posted in my blog while I was falling asleep...oops!

As a result, I was really busy today. I worked on several custom orders on top of trying to finish up these pieces plus I had a midday hoedown with my boys in their room. Lots of dancing to some cool barnyard music from a CD we checked out from the library :) :

I finished some extra pairs of earrings for the Labor Day fair that I am participating in as well. Below is a picture of the most gorgeous stone I have ever laid eyes upon...

I had to show that piece individually here...it is just too shockingly beautiful :)

I will work all evening to list these pieces. I hope to finish before going to bed, but if not the remaining will go up tomorrow. I decided I am going to start setting my alarm for 5:30 am and be in my workshop by 6 so that I have a huge chunk of uninterrupted work time before lunch. My plan is to be done by 3 or 4 pm and then devote the rest of the day to my monkeys. So I need to hit the hay early enough so that I can actually be a normal human being tomorrow if I plan on getting up that early.

This morning I started with that wake up time and drank a big ol' cup of coffee I don't usually drink coffee in the morning, but seeing as how I will be up before the b*ttcrack of dawn I think I will break that rule ;), while listening to more of this:

I've been listening to a lot of flamenco in my shop lately. It creates such a great vibe to work to.

I have the CD above, but I usually like to just go to last.fm and listen to his radio station here, then I get to hear a variety of flamenco artists. Since I am on the subject of flamenco....I went to this absolutely incredible show about five years ago with my husband and his very good friend who plays flamenco guitar. It was a flamenco festival at the University of New Mexico auditorium down the street from where we used to live. We sat right on the side of the stage so not only did we have the best view, but we could feel all the vibrations from the dancers' footwork. It was amazing. I would love. love. love. to experience that again.

So I am off to list now with visions of flamenco dancers in my head ;)

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Lita said...

You've made me want to go dance to flamenco music!!!! :)