Thursday, August 13, 2009

Okay, not really...

I'm not so good at this time management thing....what should take me eight hours turns into something like 12. Why? Well, mornings are not exactly my cup of tea no pun intended because this IS part of my morning ritual. It's not like I don't love the mornings. I really do. Dawn and dusk are captivating. You can not beat those skies. The problem is I don't really wake up until mid-morning, no matter how hard I try. I so wish I was a morning person.

So without rambling too much the short story is that what I should have finished yesterday was not finished until this afternoon! Yes...time management indeed. I need to be more efficient...because I would rather spend those times wrestling with and tickling those little monkeys a.k.a. MY boys ;)

So without further ado:

They will be listed tomorrow morning...I promise!

I thought I would also add a picture to show you my spring board for the Aspen Leaf earrings that I made. I was having coffee on the porch when I looked up and caught sight of my aspen trees nearby. I plucked a leaf and the idea was born. I traced it on cardboard, cut it out, traced it on silver, cut that out and VOILA....the Aspen Leaf earrings were born.

I also mentioned yesterday that I would show you pictures of my new signs...
This is the main one and will hang up behind me in the tent.

This one I think will go placed on an easel at the entrance.

I am very happy with them. I think the quality is very good. Exceeded my expectations, certainly.

So I thought I would leave you with an ode to one of my favorite artists. This is an AMAZING photograph.
Just look at that pompadour...
Love. It.

I am listening to this.

Hasta luego....;)


Anonymous said...

Love the agate necklace! And the new signs look great, very elegant.

blue hour designs said...

Thanks Liz!
I will post pics of them hanging in my booth, post-show ;)