Friday, August 28, 2009

Last minute ordering...

Yesterday I was in my shop working for roughly only a couple of hours for the whole day. I had an earring order to fill and outside of that I have been trying to finish all the ordering I need for the fair. I want this to be the last day that I wrap that part up and spend the remaining days just making my wares and fulfilling etsy purchases.

My parents will be coming in next week to help us watch the kids so we can concentrate on final preparations. They will actually be watching my little monkeys during the fair so that my husband can work the booth with me. That is a massive help....and I am extremelly grateful they are coming to stay with us that week!!

One thing that I have yet to discuss on here is the fact that I have not opened up the 'fine art photography' portion of my shop yet. I have been working on it all along as well and after the show I will add that to blue hour designs. It has been a part of the plans all along but it took a backseat while I was trying to get the jewelry going. I will be selling my prints at the fair though, and so I've been having to buy all the matting and prints, which is a big job in and of itself!

I also decided to make my own earring cards because I have not been happy at all with the selection out there. I want a very simple and modern card, but for some reason all I am finding are the puffed pad and velvet kind. I am working on that right now actually. Way to go for last minute plans though, right?!!

Yesterday I posted these two up:

It was all I had time for. I will post a few more today.

I also love to share my favorite finds from etsy and so here are a few pieces that I would love, love, love to have!

Look at that incredible neckline! I love the simplicity of this girl's designs. Everything in her shop is be-autiful.

I really dig the colors too. I have been drawn to more muted colors lately....and then I'll throw on a splash of color with my jewelry ;)

And this fantastic sweater is perfect for fall! I lo-ove sweaters.....this one looks incredibly cozy and warm.

That's it for now...back to work :)

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