Saturday, August 22, 2009

A full day.

Let me give you a rundown of my day:

After we woke up and got ready we all jumped in the truck and headed to some yard sales armed with muffins and coffee. We haven't done this in awhile. I found a pair of ceramic soup mugs, some goggles for work and a bike for my mom when she comes to visit. We need one for my dad so we will be on the lookout! So I'd say it was a fruitful outing :)

After this, we headed to the Lafayette Peach Festival.

First of all here is what I was happy with: yummy, yummy gyros and greek fries.....ummm and that was basically it!

What I didn't like: Lava-like weather (I'm from New Mexico and this was just UNcomfortable!!), one thousand gazillion people, and lines for the peach cobbler that made you think there was a food shortage somewhere. Which means we didn't get peach the peach festival. There was just no way we were going to stand in a two hour line in that sweltering heat for peach cobbler. So we came home. But that lead to one of my favorite times of day.....'afternoon coffee' in a nice cool house :-) So all was well!

After that I headed downstairs and whipped up a pair of rings:

After I put the rings in the tumbler we ate dinner and then took the bikes out to the lake and park. When we got back I set the stones and then started taking some pictures. I wasn't able to get too many because the sun was already below the horizon. So I will have to post these puppies tomorrow since I couldn't get any good pics of me wearing them.

Now, after I post this blog I am actually going to try and get to bed on time and read for a little bit before going to sleep. I haven't read a book in quite awhile....this is weird and I don't like it! I love reading before bed. It is such a great way to wind down the day. Plus I'm a big-time bookworm....I've always had my nose in books!

I do have to mention that just a little bit ago my 4 year old monkey came to kiss me goodnight and on his own initiative he told me that he loved me....seriously, it doesn't get any better than that :)



Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun festival! But I agree, no peach cobbler is worth a long wait in the heat.

What are you reading? I am on Dan Simmons' The Terror, which has gotten scary enough that I think I have to give it up as bedtime fare.

Beautiful rings, as always!

blue hour designs said...

Thank you Liz :)

I actually have the Count of Monte Cristo on my bedside table, but I'm thinking of reading something else right now. That book requires a lot more concentration than I think I want to give at the moment!

I might continue on with Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series. I loved the first book...