Friday, August 21, 2009


I am posting a bit early seems like most of my blog posts have crept into a pre-bedtime ritual! I do, however, want to share some good news that I woke up to. Laura from Bright, Bold, and Beautiful featured my shop in her blog today. I am very honored that she posted about Blue Hour Designs! I have a little surprise for her readers so go and check it out! :)

Thank you very much, Laura, for your wonderful feature!
Right now I am heading out the door to drop off our car to the doctor for some minor fixing. I made some muffins and coffee and I'm throwing the kids in the car for breakfast.

I am going to try and get two more rings in the shop today....I have a full schedule and it seems like there is some conspiracy going on because I swear that the day is getting shorter and shorter!

- Little Edit -rings will go up tomorrow :)

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Laura Trevey said...

They look delicious!!
Enjoy your day ~~

xo Laura