Sunday, August 2, 2009

Not so lazy Sunday...

We spent the morning riding our bikes around the gazillion paths of Louisville. We have a bike trailer for the kiddies and because of the abundance of parks along these paths we stopped at three of them during our ride. We have had so much rain here that there is still so many wildflowers in bloom. This makes for beautiful scenery.

We got home and after lunch I sat down to do some work. I decided against putting this amber on a beaded chain because it seemed to need its own spotlight. I am going to list it after this post.

This was my workspace this afternoon. I am all over the house when I work. I work mainly of course in my workshop, but when it comes to computer work and beading, I end up setting down in multiple areas.

My husband meanwhile is working in the garage, setting up my new canopy for the fair in September. We put it up so that we could decide on sign sizes for our setup. There is so much more than I realized that goes into setting up a booth at a fair. Luckily my husband is helping with the bulk of this...I need as much time as possible for making enough wares to fill those tables!
So for energy we downed these:

I consume many, many of these a week. Don't be turned off by its green color thanks to a heaping amount of spinach...this smoothie is actually delicious!!

I also am working on a lot of new designs that I can't wait to get started on this week. I was sketching in my notebook much of this afternoon in between everything else.

Okay I am off to list and get in some etsy-inspiration!


liz r. said...

Love the amber pieces you've been listing! What's in the smoothie besides spinach?

blue hour designs said...

Thank you Liz!

The smoothie varies on what fruit we have in the house...spinach is usually a mainstay.

But normally it's this:
protein powder
pomengranate juice (small amount)
frozen peaches

It really is very yummy :)