Friday, August 14, 2009

Morning....shmorning :)

My husband was not feeling so great this morning so I took over with the boys....thus, listings started in the early afternoon.

Here are images of a few of the listings:

I made that ring for myself ;)

I think I am going to swipe those Aspen Leaf earrings for myself as well...we'll see!

By the way, the seasons are changing.....I can feel it. And what better way to prepare for it than to start lusting for a new wardrobe!
My Athleta catalogue came in yesterday. I love these clothes. They are yoga inspired so it's all about movement and comfort, but the cut is also incredibly flattering.
I would like one of each...!

I am also on the hunt for some boots for fall.

I love fall and winter clothing. These pieces would be perfect for the changing of seasons. It doesn't hurt that I can also imagine myself on that Greek island wearing these beauties :)
Until tomorrow...

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