Wednesday, August 12, 2009

treasuries, pinot noir & popcorn

I got another nice surprise this morning when I received a convo from chryls of 'my paper garden' letting me know that she featured my Copper Pebbles ring in her treasury.

She makes beautiful cards in her shop...stop by and take a look if you can.

I also curated another treasury of my own. It's addicting. I love it :) My Carnelian Poppy ring was the inspiration for this new treasury.

You can click on the images above and below to visit each treasury.

So now I need to finish my new pieces so that I can list them in the morning. I am in a rush because we visited the farmer's market this evening when I really should have been working and I would love to get to bed early for once! It was so much fun...we bought a bottle of local pinot noir and a bag of popcorn for the boys and then sat in a big grassy area near the creek while the boys ran around and played. I think we are going to start going more regularly. I love farmer's markets...the smells of all the fresh food are so intoxicating especially the herbs. The whole area just has such a great vibe.
back in the morning...

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