Monday, August 3, 2009


I am getting some attention.
One of my favorite blogs highlighted my Bulbous Botswana ring today.

Seeing that post and the comments just made my heart swell! Thank you Mrs. French :)

Not only does she do a wonderful, inspiring job with her blog, but she is also an amazing photographer. I am a happy, happy camper right now!

So what, you ask, is spinning in my workshop today?
Why these girls:

'I See Red' and 'Explode' are my favorites, but really the whole album is wonderful. No wonder I love it...they have bands like Depeche Mode, the Smiths, the Cure and Bjork listed as influences to their music. All bands that I adore.

Right now I need to go eat dinner, go for a walk/play at the park (yep I play too ;), and then head back down to my workshop to finish my pieces today. I am working on two rings, two necklaces and a couple pairs of earrings. I should be able to list them tomorrow morning. I'll of course post them here first :)

See you tomorrow...


lotta said...

I saw that lovely ring over at bliss. It certainly is worth lusting over. Congratulations!

blue hour designs said...

Thank you! :)