Sunday, October 18, 2009

Happiness and Crankiness

We hung out at Pearl Street again this evening. It was fun....and not fun. The fun part was more at the beginning of our evening. We walked around, the kids played and we found this really interesting group 'performing' capoeira, which is a Brazilian martial arts/art form. You really should click here to see this in action. The boys watched it as if they were in a trance. The music was really cool too.

My little monkey liked this guy.
The big monkey did not, and he didn't want his little brother to like him either! So we quickly moved on after mommy snapped a picture.

So the part that was not fun was when we were searching for a place to eat (it needed to be patio seating so that when the boys got antsy they could move around and play with us watching them), which took far too long, and led to hunger-induced irritation. This feeling was felt by every single family member. The monkeys began to be mean to their parents and eachother. And I was NOT in the mood to deal with it. So we quickly bought pizza and sat on a bench because empty stomachs are no laughing matter. After that, all was well with the world ;)

Okay, so here is my tray of shiny things that will be posted tomorrow. I will be busy all morning getting them into my Etsy shop. Keep an eye out ;)

Quick sidenote: A Mighty Heart was a really good and thought-provoking film. Be prepared for it to be a serious and non-light hearted movie. I also suggest not looking up information about the story until after the film....this way it is a bit more suspensful. I remembered some tidbits about it from the past, but not fully. I of course hopped on the computer after, to read more. I tend to do that for most films I like :)

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