Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Winter is coming...

A storm is rolling in tonight and we are supposed to get quite a bit of snow from now through Thursday.

It feels wintery...

I know I'm weird, but I really do like this weather.

Although I like this season , I think it has an odd effect on me. My hands have been dragging in my workshop lately. I feel like all I want to do is curl up in bed with a cup of tea and read. Either that or stare at the sky and daydream. There is something about overcast cloudy days that puts me into a very introspective mood. Not gloomy...just thoughtful. I am working though, just not with a spring in my step. This will pass soon I'm sure. I am always very keen to get into my workshop, so that is a good sign. I guess I just feel like hibernating for a bit ;)

I'll have some pictures of new jewelry to post over the next few days....see you tomorrow!


Cathi said...

Looking forward to seeing your new jewelry.

I also feel the same way, when this time of year hits. I just want to cuddle up and be comfy.

Have a good evening!

Charlotta Ward said...

I completely understand and hibernate you must my dear!! Don't push yourself too hard your body is telling you to slow down..

Thinking of you.


blue hour designs said...

Charlotta - I am really figuring this simple fact out ;)