Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It has arrived

Right after I wrote in my blog yesterday this happened:

It started snowing at 10 pm or so last night and it hasn't stop since! It is actually not that cold out though...the mister and my oldest monkey spent a good amount of time playing outdoors this afternoon (no school today....or tomorrow).

I snapped a picture of them playing in the park across the street.

My house is in there somewhere....

Besides my little outing snapping pictures, I've spent the rest of the time cozy and indoors with my multiple cups of tea and coffee ;)

I do think it is incredibly beautiful...I am ready for the snow and cold. I don't want warm weather right now. I like sweaters and scarves and boots! Of course come February I've had enough and want to break out the shorts, tank tops and sandals. ;)

Besides taking pictures and drinking my favorite hot beverages (wink, wink :), I made these two custom order pieces this week:

I also completed a custom order 'Dark Cherry amber ring' today. I am going to make me one of those next week!

So I am celebrating a milestone tonight with a glass of Vitiano and a movie....see you tomorrow :)


Cathi said...

Beautiful pictures...! Awesome jewelry! Have a warm cozy evening!

lotta said...

I love snow days. We don't have enough of them down here. Thanks for sharing the photos. Love that ring... saving up to get something for myself from your lovely shop.

Charlotta Ward said...

I am so envious!! We never get snow here in Sydney and it is one of those things I miss the most about not living in Sweden!!
I love the pictures and can smell all that snowy loveliness all the way here.
Enjoy and look after yourself!!


blue hour designs said...

Thank you all!

Lotta - I am doing the same!