Saturday, October 17, 2009

I finished....

...this week's batch of baubles! I'll show them to you tomorrow. I prefer to take the pictures in natural light....otherwise the color looks really washed out.

So I bought a couple of pumpkins to put up on my front porch from a local farmer's market. They are replacing the little pumpkin my parents brought me from their garden because a little thief squirrel took off with it. He is already chomping on my new ones :( Let's see how long these last...

Aren't these bright red leaves beautiful? They have fallen from my neighbor's tree...I'm not used to seeing red leaves in the fall. We usually just get the bright yellow kind in New Mexico.

Like this.
I love fall :)

Okay, time to go watch our movie....we're going to see A Mighty Heart tonight. I think we are due for some comedies now. The last three have been serious and dramatic.

I'll be back tomorrow with new jewelry!


songbird said...

Try spraying your pumpkins with hair spray ...that should foil those little squirrel thieves!

Lisa in NH

blue hour designs said...

Great idea...thanks!

Charlotta Ward said...

Wonderful photographs! The colours look amazing!