Monday, October 26, 2009

Another random post

So I am drinking my ritual pre-bed tea it's usually Sleepytime or Chamomile tea and just wrapping up everything for the day. It's only 8:30 pm, but I usually like to get to bed around now because I need time to unwind. I am really working on making more time for myself...I have really been realizing the importance of personal time and how beneficial it is for my mental well-being. Even though I am so incredibly excited to work, I don't want to hit a wall down the line. Balance is important. So I have carved out an hour or two before bed to read and look at magazines.

Before I go I want to share a few things. First of all, my mom curated a treasury this evening that includes this lovely sweater:

And I found this gorgeous dress last week from this shop:

I love fall and winter clothing. This dress would be adorable with a pair of knee high boots!
Okay, and one more thing before I go....
This is the movie we watched this weekend:

Loved it! It is not humor for everyone, though, that's for sure ;) If you've seen it already, you'll know what I am talking about. I really dig Guy Ritchie's directing style....I have already seen Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, as well as RocknRolla and I loved those movies as well. I can't wait to see his upcoming Sherlock Holmes flick with Robert Downey Jr. Here is a link to that preview.

Alright, off to bed....goodnight!


Cathi said...

Your nightly ritual of taking time for yourself is awesome and important. Enjoy!

Sanity Keeper said...

Your mom's design is beautiful! I also love winter clothes, chunky sweaters, leggings with boots, scarves... oh tis the season!

blue hour designs said...

Boy do I love that time too!! :)

Sanity Keeper-
Hello and welcome!!
My mom does crotchet(and has her own lovely Etsy shop), but she did not make that beautiful sweater. She included it in a treasury of knitted things that she put together on Etsy treasuries. If you click on the treasury link in my blog it takes you there :)

Charlotta Ward said...

Love the dry humour of these films. Guy Ritchie is a great director!