Friday, October 9, 2009


Well, I thought we would be well by now. But my little ones are not....they are still sickies and it just hurts my heart to see them so sad and pathetic looking :( So I apologize for a slow blog this week and a delayed newsletter. We are just focusing mainly on recovery. Life is just not the same without the laughter, banging and yelling I usually hear bouncing off of our walls!

This also means that I have not been able to get down to my workshop....I really miss it! I am walking around with ideas brewing in my head! It will be exciting when they get to pour out of me. I do, however, have a few more pieces to add over the next day or so. This pair of earrings will go up tomorrow along with a couple more pairs.

I also have a pendant that I made a few weeks ago for another piece of Baltic amber that I bought this summer. I just need to handwrap the beads for the chain and it will be done. We will see though....I do not have very many expectations for work right now ;)

So to get me in a bit of a better mood I will post one of my all time favorite songs (my husband will laugh when he reads this because he will say that I have a lot of 'all time favorite songs' ;)

But, I do so adore this one.....are you digging the 80's fashion?? ;)


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Charlotta Ward said...

Alysia my thoughts are with you and the boys. I hope the laughter and noises of a happy, healthy home are back soon and that you can find energy to do your magic work in the studio.

Lots of love & healing hugs from me.