Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pumpkin Pie

I had pumpkin pie for dinner yesterday...with coffee (decaf, but still freshly ground and scrumptious). Why? Because, I think, sometimes its good to celebrate nothing at all. ;) That was the most exciting thing that happened to me yesterday, and since I didn't want to bore you with a one sentence blogpost, I decided to skip an appearance here. I hope you don't mind!

Today, however, was fun because I had another dance party with my almost 2 year old (which consists of a lot of jumping on the bed action) and a good ol' session of this:

All mothers are biased, but I think my boys are so dang adorable :)

So, today I finally sent out the newsletter. I'm sorry. I'm sorry for the delay! We've really been juggling 10,000 balls, but it was finally hot off the press this morning. If you didn't receive it for some reason (we did get a couple of bounce-back emails) please send me an email again and I'll get it out to you.

And because it has been at least a few days since I made a music reference of any sort in my blog ;).....I am including another video in today's post. I know for some of you it may seem odd that I bring up different music artists with such frequency here, but you have to understand that I ALWAYS listen to this music while I am working, so to me, it is incredibly relevant. I couldn't possibly just sit here in my studio and work to the sound of crickets. Seriously....I would be so unhappy. Music keeps me humming and moving and dancing, while working....but more importantly it makes me happy.

And so does her music....


Vanessa said...

One of my fave CD's! It really makes you want to get up and dance. Very happy music.

Cathi said...

Great music! Pumpkin Pie and coffee sound like a great meal to me....!! :) I just found your blog and have amazing jewelry! Enjoy your time with your kids - the simple times are the best and it goes by so fast!

blue hour designs said...

Vanessa -
isn't her music Wonderful!! I just love this video :)

Cathi -
Welcome!!! I so agree about the simple times...I fear the day my boys no longer think the world revolves around me and their daddy :(