Thursday, October 29, 2009

Who I am

For the last six months I have left behind an important facet of my life. I have mentioned in past posts my struggle with balance in my work and personal life. Is there a difference? I think they are one in the same actually. But what I have done in this last year is submerge myself in my art to accomplish two things: improve my craft and develop my business. And not that I need to remind you of this, but I also became wrapped up completely in this because this is not a profession I am forcing myself in....rather I am excitedly choosing this path.

I know I am rambling again, but I had another 'not so great day' and I know that I am hitting a wall. It is my own doing, and I know how to fix it. (okay fix is a strong word....'work on making things better' is a more appropriate statement.)

Those who know me, know that exercise and health (for at least the last 12 years) has been a very big interest and an important part of who I am. I love how it makes me feel. I love the idea of being in control of my health. I love it so much I have even entertained the thought in the past of being a trainer or yoga instructor.

I think this is why I have dealt with so many wild mood swings lately as well as fatigue. Exercise makes me stronger and healthier in my mind. I have let this go for too long. I am going to make this a priority again because for all the excuses I have for not having time to run, lift weights or make it to my yoga class, I am actually just piling on the much-wanted(riiiiight) stress!!

I am a work in progress.......see you tomorrow ;)

p.s. Tropic Thunder gets a big thumbs down....we didn't even finish watching the movie! Disappointing....


Cathi said...

You're not alone, we are all a work in progress. I too, need to get back into the exercise routine. I lost myself a bit when my best friend died a few months back and I am slowly returning to myself and you will too! have a good evening!

blue hour designs said...

Cathi - I am so sorry for your loss!! It is definitely very difficult to maintain certain daily duties when our bodies and minds just need to heal....:(