Monday, November 9, 2009

Where did it go?

hanging out in the sun at Pearl St.

I'm here :)
I didn't intend on being gone the past three just happened. Well, let me tell you.......the past week has been a bit insane. I received a lot of exposure from the giveaway on cup of jo. People found me and it was wonderful. Plus I sent many, many of my pieces to Estes Park and Fairhope. All of a sudden my shop was depleted at the same time I had more people venture in. Not planned, but absolutely loved nonetheless.

My mind is all over the place. I think the season does this to me. I am always so (more so anyway) reflective at this time of the year. Thinking a lot about the past........where will I be in the future? I prefer thinking of the future.......its exciting. I am not too keen about the past. Unfortunate to say that, but its true. I think its because it took me a long time to grow up....and too many sad events that my mind still has a hard time wrapping around.

I am excited to list new pieces this feels like its been awhile and the process of finishing a piece successfully and showing it to the world is such an exhilerating feeling. ;) I'm addicted.

This song is ridiculously beautiful. It is a fitting song for today.
Her name: Maria Taylor

(sorry for the chaotic nature of the blog post today.....I think I need some chamomile tea and a good book to curl up with)



Cathi said...

That is wonderful for you, that you have had alot of exposure...I think it is fabulous.

This is the time of year also, that I tend to reflect on my life too.

Have a relaxing evening!

blue hour designs said...

Thank you Cathi!!