Monday, November 23, 2009

Holiday season

I don't want to bore you too much with what my days have been like since I last posted....yes it has been awhile!! I've really just been putting my nose to the grindstone and trying to keep up with the holiday rush and preparing for the Fine Art Market in Denver. Absolutely no complaints here! Especially since I am about to head down to my parents' house in New Mexico for a few days of vegging, eating and flat-out hibernating. We leave tomorrow after dinner and we should be back on Friday or so. And then I'll be back with all of that recouped energy to throw myself into work again.

Last time we visited my family we headed out in the evening as well and it really was the best travel experience we have had with the boys. Why? Well because they slept 90% of the trip! That is always the best way to travel with little ones ;) So we are doing it again and we'll be getting there around 1 a.m. I also already told my mom that I am very excited for her and my dad to take over and entertain my monkeys while we're there! I don't think it will be much of a problem either :)

So a few bits of business before I go: First of all, I received my shipment of amber today!!! I am big-time excited because I ordered more of a variety of Baltic amber than I had bought when I was in Poland. For all of you new to my blog, all of the amber that I carry in my shop I purchased while we were on vacation this summer. I happily made a contact in Poland and I'll continue to order amber supplies from them (I am very, very impressed with their quality of amber). So when I get back on Friday I will relist my petite amber rings. I also got more of the green-hued amber too.

Secondly, I will be having a promotion this weekend that will lead up to Cyber-Monday and I will give you more details in a few days. But I definitely will post the information here first! Cyber-Monday (for all of scratching your heads at that term!) is the 'Black Friday' of the online world. Black Friday (for all of you still scratching your heads!!) is the day after Thanksgiving when people rush the stores in swarms and mobs to catch all of the marvelous deals and sales. So basically I am going to participate, along with many, many Etsians, in this weekend hoopla :)

So I'm off to finish up some work and packing and I'll see you all later from NM.....bye!

p.s. I forgot to mention that I will have an abbreviated shop over the next three days while I am in New Mexico. So basically only 'in stock' jewelry pieces will be in my Etsy shop. All of my 'made to order' items will resume on Friday, November 27th.


Cathi said...

When we were little by parents always traveled late at night, so we would all be sleeping...that is the best way!

Have a wonderful holiday with your family, safe travels!

Splendid Willow said...

Have a safe trip! Enjoy your time with family in NM! (Eat lots, laugh and sleep!!)

Cyber hug,