Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Reconnecting and News

I have been having so much fun again on Facebook. It is incredibly nice reconnecting with a lot of my friends, especially because most of them live pretty much all over the world. I have a lot of family on FB as well, which is nice. I have run a bit hot and cold with it in the past where I get on a lot for a week and then I'm missing in action for months.....I want to keep that to a minimum.
Plus, I have the business page now so I am trying to keep that current with my shop activity.

I decided to finish listing the rest of my jewelry this morning and then came down to my workshop after. Here are a couple of pictures....I listed 12 in total.

This Lemon Burst Amber ring is made in the same design as my Dark Cherry one.

This one, however, was my favorite and it has already been snatched up :)
So, I mentioned in my last post that I would let you know some of the exciting happenings that are occurring in my neck of the woods. Well, this weekend some of my jewelry will be making their way into two brick and mortar shops: one in Estes Park, CO and the other in Fairhope, AL. I am very, very excited about this because one of my goals from the beginning has been to have my jewelry sold in artisan boutiques and shops. I personally love small boutiques and it just makes sense that I would want my pieces showcased in them as well. Plus, it is similar to fairs in that people actually get to personally see and touch my work rather than view it from pictures online. I like that idea very much! No worries.....not leaving Etsy anytime soon!!

I was also asked to submit my work for the Arvada Center's 23rd Annual Fine Art Market Show and Sale that is being held December 11th - 20th. The Arvada Center is a fine art gallery that houses visual and performing arts and is located in Denver. I am incredibly honored to be included this year!

Lots of happiness and busy-ness......I am thrilled at the direction I am heading.

I'll see you all tomorrow :)

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