Thursday, November 12, 2009

Comfort food

this yummy bowl of soup sits on a pot holder my mom made :)

It's the season for comfort food. I won't deny that I love it either. I guess you could say that I am a bit of a foodie. I get great satisfaction that doesn't even sound as big as it really is! out of eating delicious well-made food. I'm not really into junk food and I can easily pass on candy, but pretty much any meal out of Martha Stewart's Living mag just causes uncontrollable drooling ;) I like pastries and desserts and French, New Mexican, Italian, Indian, Japanese, Thai,!!! Oh yeah and pretty much everything my parents or my mother-in-law whip out onto the table - yum!

Speaking of food, my husband also happens to be a great cook. He made the soup pictured above. He said he just wanted to use up whatever he could find in the fridge and voila....he made one of the best soups he has ever made. He's not much for recipes...I think a lot of men are that way. My dad is the same. He is excellent in the kitchen and mainly just experiments and tries things. I, however, am a pretty good recipe follower ;)

This evening my husband is in the process of baking a cake he will be making it over the next few days that he grew up eating in Estonia. It is my absolute favorite dessert and every time his mother comes and visits or we visit there, she will bake this cake. I think she knows I love it very, very much ;) So this cake is special and intended for my little-est monkey's birthday party this Saturday. He is turning the big 2.

Food is obviously on my mind....I've yet to eat dinner and I am super hungry, so I think that is why.

See you tomorrow with some new pieces....:)

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lotta said...

mmm, looks delicious. Makes me hungry too. My husband likes to cook without recipe as well. Most of the time it turns out great.