Monday, November 16, 2009

Weekend wrap-up

So this weekend was full of birthday celebration and work. We had a fun and interesting birthday party for my little monkey who is now the big 2. He strangely decided to drop his nap the day of his party, which is really, really odd because this boy takes the king of all naps. He happily sleeps a 3 sometimes 4 hour nap every day. He needs his beauty sleep I guess ;) So he wasn't the perkiest child at his own birthday celebration, but that's okay because his older brother had enough energy for both of them.....and then some!

Luckily there was leftover birthday cake and guess what was for breakfast the next day? Happily, this is what I sat to in the morning yesterday:

We got a lot of fresh snow throughout the night as well so I took my time eating 'breakfast' and staring outside.....

Then I got to work planning my upcoming week. I compiled a pile of design sketches that had been laying around the house....I tend to jot things down especially before falling asleep when an idea pops in my head. I'm excited to get to work on many of them this week. I have been working so hard the last few weeks fulfilling custom and made to order pieces that I am anxious to get started on new work. My shop needs do I :)

Okay off to work....see you tomorrow!

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