Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Great Day!

So I have mentioned on here before that one of the blogs I enjoy perusing is Joanna Goddard's blog, a cup of jo. I am sponsoring her this month and I also set up a giveaway with two of my petite amber rings:

She posted the giveaway this afternoon on her blog here and there are already just over 1000 people who have entered!!!!!!!!! She will choose the winners sometime tomorrow and then I'll get to work making the custom rings :)

I have to admit that I have been reading some of the comments left on the giveaway post and as a result I am sitting happily on Cloud 9. Really, is it a bit strange that I am completely digging all of the amazing comments??? ;) If you could only understand how much I put into my work, the uncertainty of my very scary leap with changing read or hear positive comments just does wonders to my soul! Not that I have ever wanted to turn back, but these postive affirmations make me hold my head up a bit you know what I mean?? (this goes for ALL of you wonderful people who have from the beginning sent me some serious love!)

A great day....really. Just a fabulous day.

If you need me, I'll be in my workshop ;)


Cathi said...

You should definitely hold your head up high, your jewelry is beautiful! I am in awe of people that are so creative, such as yourself. I entered the giveaway too, but it's ok if I don't win - I have my eye on a few of your pieces that I absolutely adore! Have a great evening!

Un je ne sais quoi said...

Oh My God!
This giveaway is fabulous!!!
I love it!!!
And the other pieces are also amazing!

Kristi Lynne said...

It's because your pieces are all amazing! Your work is beautiful and you deserve to know it.

abby jane said...

hi! i saw you on cup of joe, i live in colorado too, i was wondering if you could do something custom? I wanted a raw ruby ring for my engagement ring well, my hubby didn't have luck with that and thought maybe that was something you could do? i have a raw ruby i purchased. . . let me know

blue hour designs said...

Kristi, Priscila & Cathi - Thank you so incredibly much! You've helped create another big smile today!! :)

Abby - Hi Abby! I definitely make custom rings, however I currently do not make rings with prong settings. I create what is called bezel setting for the stones I work with, which is using a strip of fine silver to hold them in. If you are interested in that send me an email at with a picture of the ruby and we'll go from there! :)

Thank you everyone for stopping by!!

stephanie said...

i just started reading your blog and really love it & your jewelry! it is comforting to hear about the success of someone who took the leap to be a full time artist - something i want to do someday in the future. congratulations on your success and i look forward to reading more!

Monica said...

Your work is incredible and inspiring! Congrats on your success :)