Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Short and Sweet

Today was a good day. And here is why:
- woke up to a sweet good morning from my firstborn
- went for a long walk, shuffling in the leaves with two little monkeys (who knew this could bring such joy?)
- hung out at two parks
- listed these five pieces:

this one is already gone!!

- made it to the gym this evening, after dinner
- getting ready to get to bed and curl up with my book and a hot hubby

Its the little things.....:)

So this is again a short post, but I really want to get a jump on that last one on my list!

p.s. happy birthday my sweet sarcastic little would've been 31 today
. missing you will never end.


Cathi said...

It's the little things that are the biggest and best things in life...enjoy! Have a peaceful evening! xxoo

Monica said...

Beautiful new items and what a wonderful day!

A happy birthday to your sweet 2 year old and also your dear sister

Anonymous said...

Love that red ring (first pic) - what amazing colour!
Happy Birthday to the big-2-boy!