Thursday, November 5, 2009

Inspirational neighbors

One of the unexpected aspects of opening my shop on Etsy was the surprisingly strong sense of community I found amongst artists, stylists and lovers of all things artisan, handmade and inspirational. As a result, I have met a lot of fabulous people who have blogs and sites with fully wonderful things to share and say! I try to visit these sites as much as possible....although lately it has been far less than I like.

Tonight, I finally added a link list of some of these wonderful people and sites to my blog, so that you can visit them as well. The list is located in the lower right column.

I would like to introduce each of my 'neighbors' in the list throughout the month. I love visiting their I figure you probaby will as well ;) First up is Charlotta's Space for Inspiration blog. Her blog is always chock full of inspiring images and somehow once you're there you will find yourself with tea or coffee in hand and your feet propped up ready to spend some (okay not some!) serious time browsing and reading (more like wishing and hoping you can visit every location she blogs about!).

I found these incredibly beautiful pictures on her site today, in fact.

I love the old world.....and as much as I am drawn to clean, simple and modern lines, I also completely adore all things ancient and old, with loads of history. This house to me is like something out of a beautiful storybook.

Click on the pictures to read more about this stunning 15th century home.

bed, in front of that fireplace, looks exactly like the place I can imagine myself at.this.exact.moment!

I think that means its time to go to sleep.......'til tomorrow ;)

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Charlotta Ward said...

Darling THANK YOU so much for your lovely words and flattering comments. I am walking around with a big smile on my face now!

Also thank you for putting me on your blogg roll - you're needless to say on mine too!!

Have a fab weekend and promise to get some rest ok!