Saturday, September 19, 2009

Pearl Street

I have had such a fantastic couple of days.

I started my blog yesterday when we got home last night....but ended up fading out and fell asleep instead :) So here I am posting about yesterday to make up for it. It all started with a coffee date with my two monkeys at our local coffee shop. They get chocolate milk and mommy gets a nice humungo (is that a word?) cup of jo. We walked over there and had so much fun staring at the sky, talking to the puppies who walked by and picking up rollie pollies from our path. The kind of simple pure fun that only occurs with little ones.

Next up we had a snack and then headed over to 'our' park to hang out with some neighbor kids and practice some bike-riding. Later that evening we decided to go and hang out at the Pearl St. mall in Boulder. We are just a few minutes from Boulder, so we get to enjoy all the local activities there as well as the multitude of fun things that occur in all the surrounding small towns. There is seriously no shortage of things to do in our adopted home.

Here are a few images from that night:

These ladies were playing some amazing music when we first got there. The boys just loved did Mr. Melnikov and myself. I think there was some dancing involved if I remember correctly ;)

Now this was the favorite....for anyone not aware of the local football goings-on in this area....the Buffs are a big deal. They had a pep rally-esque party on Pearl St. when we were there and the CU marching band was there to rev everyone up. Now seriously who doesn't get pumped going to games and hearing the marching band??

The boys absolutely loved it....and again I think the mister and I were guilty of a little hip-shaking as well!

We had a great day....another one of those 'we love where we live' moments.
And today was just as great, but I'll save that one for's movie night ;)

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