Sunday, September 20, 2009

Estes Park

So I promised I would tell you about my day yesterday...I did not forget ;)

We headed up to Estes Park to hang out and check out their weekend Art Fair. It is a beautiful and short drive from our house so we did the usual, for any long morning outing, and we packed coffees, homemade muffins, water, extra snacks and lots of books for the boys, to go and headed out.

When we first arrived to Estes Park we hit a traffic jam, which we thought was odd, and found out moments later that a group of elk had decided to hang out along the highway. So like all of us curious creatures, people were stopping to stare and take pictures.

I am one of those people who like to photograph everything and I snapped some images as well...because seriously how cool is it to see wild reindeer (okay not reindeer, but close!) hanging out within spitting distance?? after that exciting interlude (you should have seen my boys!) we headed to the fair.

I was very impressed by the artwork displayed at this particular fair. Incredibly lovely pieces everywhere.

I have always loved arts and crafts fairs and I now have a greater appreciation for the setup of each individual artist!

Today was great, but primarily because we got so much done. I know I've mentioned that I can not exist well, at least in putting everything in order has such a calming and purposeful effect on me. We did get our regular Sunday morning bike ride in but after that we cleaned and organized in between dancing and playing with the boys. Oh yeah, and all the boys in the house got a much needed haircut.

So the weekend is over and tomorrow is back to work! (okay that's not really true because I worked on and off all weekend long....such is the life of owning your own business, its hard not to sneak it in when possible!! ;)

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